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  • Benny Young

    Supposing that he is the last of his kind, Benny sought to have a normal human life. He, looking quite young now, decided to go to college to study Psychology. He has since graduated and is looking for a job as a Psychiatrist...or massage therapist.

  • Eliza Thornberry

    Eliza grew up with the Baroness Katherine Lenix and would frequently go on expeditions and safaris with her father to find treasure and hunt large game. One expedition when they went to find a lost city in Egypt, most of the group, including her father, …

  • Roxanne Mooney

    Roxanne is an average girl who is artistically talented and was home-schooled for her whole school career by her mother. Her father died when she was very young, so she has no memory of him. Supposedly, he was a very caring man. So, now that Roxanne has …

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