Logopolis Revisited

Logopolis Revisited
Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space

Episode One: A Little Red Box

Lady Peppermint has performed a number of services for the inhabitants of Tutek, and is about to gain access to the planet’s Nergys technology core to obtain a power source for her newly-built TARDIS, the Pandora. But it appears that one of her own companions is out to stop her, with the help of a mysterious cyborg with a grudge, an android with a vendetta, and a vortex manipulator with a deadly side-effect.

Time Lord: Lady Peppermint Companions: Alexis “Lexi” Jones Finder Salara Frost Roxanne Mooney K-9 Angelica

Episode Two: Booby Trap

After acquiring the Hugo, a timeship of alien design but familiar technology, Mal Equis happens upon a ancient trap designed to waylay ships. But instead of pirates or brigands intent on looting the disabled vessels, it appears that the net was cast to arrest a very dangerous stowaway.


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