Salara Frost


Awareness 3

Coordination 3

Ingenuity 4

Presence 3

Resolve 4

Strength 4

Athletics 2

Fighting 3

Marksman 2

Medicine 3

Science 4

Technology 4

Dependency (suit) 2

Outcast 1

Only one of her kind 1

Alien appearance 2

Psychic 2

Cryokinisis 2

“Alien” 2

Tough 1

Immortal 2


Salara was once just a regular human military scientist working on high tech projects and weapons. She never once thought about the real dangers of working with the concept of absolute zero cold. Well that all changed when the experiment went wrong and there was a freak accident. Salara happened to be right in the middle of the explosion and her body is now at absolute zero. She is extremely cold to the touch and has the unique ability to control ice. Well unfortunately the accident meant that she could no longer control the air temperature around herself. Even though she herself was safe, if she was not contained she would an explosion so large it could wipe out an entire city in seconds. So the military built her a protective suit. If the suit was to be removed or damaged it could mean real trouble for those around her. She does not need to eat or breath because she is in a sense frozen and cannot take off the suit. Because of this she does not need to sleep but chooses to. She is immortal now and normal weapons wont kill her.

Salara Frost

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