Awareness- 5

Coordination- 1

Ingenuity- 7

Presence- 1

Resolve- 4

Strength- 2

Convince- 2

Craft- 6

Knowledge- 4

Medicine- 6

Science- 6

Technology- 3

Transport- 3

Eccentric- 1

Code of Conduct- 1

Impulsive- 1

Curious- 1

Argumentative- 1

Distinctive- 1

Adversary- 1

Time Lord- 2-4
Feel the turn


Photographic Memory- 2

Resourceful pockets- 1

Story points- 8


Brandi is very different than your typical time lord. She is on her third regeneration. She really became fascinated with the goth culture of humans and is fascinated somewhat by what makes this group of people fascinated with death. She actually hates war and when people kill each other. She works in an art studio/ goth clothing store on earth. Her Tardis actually looking like a hearse while she is on earth. She is pretty easy going and gets along with everyone. Brandi is bubbly and happy most of the time and hates to see people sad and upset. She is curious about everything and it can make her a bit reckless at times. She can be a bit argumentative when she has her mind made up about something.


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